4 Amazing Technology Inventions that will Make Life Easier

This blog has information about 4 Amazing Inventions that are very useful for us. These Inventions also known as green technology. Which has changed our lives.

People around the world don’t know much about these Inventions. Let us now know the following 4 amazing Inventions.

1. Click & Grow – The Smart Garden 3

Click & Grow – The Smart Garden 3 is a modern way of growing plants and I am definitely not really interested in a gardener anywhere near that, but this is something that really let’s see how it works and then showing you The result is so setup is really dead simple.

Only you have a couple to attach and one of them is going to be the lamp itself. Its used to be able to provide night light to these plants is done.

So it is adjustable so that you can increase the height of the lamp as your plants start to grow, but it is not the best manufactured thing, it feels a little cheap.

You don’t even have a timer to light it once Plug in. Just turns on for half a day and then will turn off the second part of the day so I would like me to be able to see the timer to adjust it when this son is rising and when the sun is going to be full because Changes occur during the year but it is useful to be able to provide light for you in comparison to others.

Click Grow - The Smart Garden 3 - Inventions
(Image Source – Google | Image by Joelle Alcaidinho apartmenttherapy)

So that you can scan and use the QR code click related and develop the application and they will allow you to be able to find information about that particular plant and be able to see where that plant is five or Should be ten or twenty days and be able to see what it should be like.

Looking inside your system then I would say it’s not an app, I don’t want to say it’s not useful, but it’s really necessary.

No, but it is good to be able to get some information about your plants that how a certain herb can taste.

Now you plant and then put a round plastic cover over it. The entire plastic cup is now showing round holes and fit into it. On the other side there is a place to fill water.

It is said that water will last for 30 days, but you keep checking and if you sure then add water. Now after 5 or 10 days you will see how big the plant has grown. After 30 days, see how big the plant has grown and if it is like using, and then use it.

2. Mygdal Plantlight – Nui Studio

Mygdal Plantlight is a combination of traditional glass and nature as well as modern technique and design. The design is such that even from a 360-degree angle; plants can be see growing by LED light. Mygdal Plantlight made in 2 sizes.

The height of small size is 42 cm and diameter 32 cm and the height of large size is 70 cm and diameter 48 cm. But the material used for its creation is the same. Materials include smoked glass, aluminum alloy and steel.

Mygdal Plantlight - Nui Studio - Inventions
(Image Source – Google | Image by Ambista)

There is a complete self-supporting ecosystem based on spectral between LED Light and Sunlight. Mygdal Plantlight is the first Plantlight in the world. In which the plant grows slowly even without water.

Mygdal is designed in such a way that it can be viewed from 360-degrees.This Plantlight is completely free from daylight as the adjustment of the LED light has been done to suit the plants.

Each Mygdal hosts gently arranges the plants and the inner tray is easily removable so that the plants can be replaced. Mygdal microclimate is particularly favorable to rain forest flora.

Mygdal Plantlight is an invention of Nui Studio. Each part of Mygdal designed by expert craftsmen. Mygdal Plantlight totally handcrafted in Germany.

3. Grasslamp – The Desktop Garden and Light

Grasslamp is unique among the 4 inventions given here. this is change our life, We live in a solid forest and spend up to 90% inside our house.

We are losing touch with nature and it provides the benefits of how you bring the grandeur of nature into our lives with our grass lamps.

With our patented technology, you can easily grow wheat grass and other varieties, regardless of temperature or amount of light. With Micro Green Plan Room Grass Lamp, you can grow plants using only water and LED light.

Grasslamp - The Desktop Garden and Light - Inventions
(Image Source – Google | Image by GadgetFlow)

Keep it easy to harvest in the kitchen Wheat grass Crop Healthy Smoothie or Wheat grass Juice Grass Lamp can reestablish our relationship with nature.

Smooth design with benefits of having fresh plants. We do growing plants indoors ourselves. Develop our ecological awareness and we nurture our connection to nature.  Light up your office and relax your eyes and calm your mind.

Nature on your desk makes grasslands unique shapes when it comes to production. Is a bit more complicated and that’s why we need your let’s get our world together and make it a place that we need you. 

4. LifeStraw – Personal Water Filter

Lifestraw is change our life, The original back filter and a well-run grass filter, LifeStraw makes contaminated water safe to drink by removing bacteria and viruses, preventing most of the waterborne disease.

Use it for direct streams, water-filled spaces and ponds to drink or fill a container and use your LifeStraw to enjoy pure water on the go.

LifeStraw - Personal Water Filter - Inventions
(Image Source – Google | Image by LifeStraw)

This gadget has an inaccessible shelf life and when opened it can give a person more than 5 years of safe drinking water. 

This product removes 99.99% bacteria, parasites and micro plastics and can be filtered. You drunk up to 4000 litres of water. Of this length 9″ and Recyclable. 


These inventions have changed a life. Technology will bring inventions with many new improvements. I hope you liked this post.

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