5 Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO

5 Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO. That will be very useful for new bloggers. These tools will be very useful for how to create blog titles and how to put keywords in them.

1 Ubersuggest – Keyword Tool

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool. To use this tool, you need to login to Google and you easily research keyword.

After opening the site, search by adding keyword and country location in the search bar that appears in it. In that country you can see how much CPC, Traffic and Competition level in Keyword as well as its related keyword.

Paid members of Ubersuggest can get more data, create more projects and even find SEO related errors in their site’s page.

Site link – https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

2 AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

In AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator tool you will be able to generate SEO related keywords.

In this tool you will not find keyword CPC, traffic information but you will get the idea of creating a blog title.

This tool is very useful for new bloggers. Enter the keyword in the first box of the tool. Press Enter and enter the second keyword in the second line.

Note: – Put only one keyword in a line

After placing your keywords in all three boxes, press Generate. In the large box, the relevant title of the keywords you entered will appear.

How to use the title depends on you. With this tool you will also get the idea of long tail keywords.

Site link – http://seo.danzambonini.com/

3 Soovle – Keyword Tool

Soovle is a General Keyword Research Tool. Inside Soovle you will find a list of keywords searched in Google, Amazon, Answers, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and Wikipedia.

Enter the keyword in the Search Bar that appears in the Center. After entering the keyword, a list of related keywords will appear in the platforms that appear around it. Which will give you the idea of creating an SEO friendly title.

The feature of Soovle is that when you type in the keyword and enter it, it takes you directly to Google search engine and a list of related sites will appear for the keyword that has been researched

Site link – https://soovle.com/

4 Keyword In

Keyword In tool is useful for generating domain names along with SEO related keywords. In this tool you will see a box in which you can enter keywords and get the idea of creating a title.

Here you will find the facility of 9 Box (Column) in which you can reduce. From the box next to the Generate Button, you can select the desired column and restart the tool. Keyword In is a free tool for combine keywords.

Site link – https://keywordin.com/keyword-generator.php

( This sitelink may be redirected to another keyword tool site )

5 TwinWord – Keyword Research Tool

Even without signing up in the TwinWord tool, you will find a long list of keyword research. In TwinWord tool you can see Monthly Average Searching, SEO Competition, Paid Competition, and Keyword & title score of Keyword.

TwinWorld tool is a paid tool but you can get many ideas using it for free. You can get the best results in the paid version of Twin Word Tool. But new bloggers don’t have to worry about paid tools as here you get limited free use.

Site linkhttps://www.twinword.com/ideas


Here i’m tell you 5 best keyword research tool. Using the tools mentioned here will make it easier for you to find keywords. Hope you liked this post.

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