Google Chrome is The Best Web Browser – Other Features

Web browser seems to work when it comes to retrieving any type of information from the Internet.

There are many browsers in the world, but the most popular browser is Google Chrome.

With the help of Google chrome you can do the process of browsing, but you can also do special activities with it.

It is equally important for the user to know how easy your task can be with the features of Google chrome.

Chrome Other Features

Media Player

You can also use Google chrome as a Media Player. Not all audio and video formats found on the Internet support a computer’s player, but Google Chrome does.

Audio or video that does not support your install software will be played by dragging and dropping it into Chrome’s address bar.

Image Viewer

You can also use Google chrome as an Image Viewer. Many image file formats are not supported in the computer’s image viewer. Then such an image can be seen in Google chrome Browser.

Drag and drop the image into the browser’s address bar. The image will appear clear in Google Chrome. For example WebP format.


You can also use Google chrome as a calculator. You have to enter parameters inside the address bar of Google chrome.

The calculator can perform both simple and complex calculations as well as scientific calculations.

Pin the Web page

Chrome features a PIN, in which the website or web page you pin is open at the top of the corner when chrome opens.

To pin, first you need to open the required website, then you have to right click on that tab and select the PIN option that appears in the list.

Doing so will pin the website or web page and if you want to unpin this is the process.

PDF and Text Reader

Google Chrome also seems to work as a PDF and Text Reader. Chrome is useful for reading files if your device does not have PDF software installed.

The PDF file can be viewed clockwise and anti-clockwise after the drop in Chrome’s address bar. You can also print it and you can also try any kind of simple text file


Google Chrome’s converter feature is very useful. This converter is useful for weight, height, length, volume. Type Kg to Grams, meter to feet, Liter to Gallon in Chrome’s address bar and the converter will open directly.

Chrome Browser can also be used as a currency converter. Here you can convert any country’s currency into dollars, euro. This converter is useful for converting temperature.


Because of all these features, Chrome is different from other browsers. Things that can easily be done in Chrome do not happen in other browsers. Hope you liked this post.

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