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Google Chrome is The Best Web Browser – 15 Chrome Hidden Features

The Google Chrome browser is a Google product that allows us to search anything on the Internet and visit any website. It’s available for both PC and Android.

While you get a lot of amazing features that are a must have in any browser, but make it different from others, we are going to talk about some options and features.

As we all know nowadays all phones have a browser or not, but the Google Chrome browser is definitely there, and it’s very different from other browsers.

Worldwide, more than 50 percent of its population uses it on their phones, whether it’s an Android phone or a desktop. Overall, its popularity is higher than other browsers.

14 Google Chrome Browser Hidden Features

1. Incognito Mode

Incognito mode feature is also amazing, and you are probably aware of it. This feature of Chrome browser is the best because in it you can do both searching and internet surfing in the most secret way.

In this, you will not find any of your history, cookies, this is the best feature for private browsing, and you can use it for any of your personal work.

2. Do Not Trace in Chrome Browser

You may be familiar with this feature, but did you know that when you surf the internet, you are monitored for what you are looking for on the internet and what you are not, all these things are being traced.

If you’ve ever noticed that, whatever you search or do on eCommerce a while ago, you find it on other sites through related ads, Google does it all.

So that he can provide better facilities for you, so never think that he is watching over you.

3. Offline Page Saving

In my opinion, this is the best Chrome browser feature, as it saves your current open tab. This means that when you are working on the Internet, or an already loaded page is left open, if you re-open that page without the help of the Internet, then you open it in a single page offline.

This feature is an online book Useful for readers, this feature is already enabled, but there is something special about this as well.

Apart from this, if you want to save the same page in your internal storage, you can do that too.

To do this you only have to do offline saving work while online. You can do this by following the steps below.

  • When it is on the first page, click on the menu button
  • Now here you will see the print option, click on it
  • On clicking, you will see the PDF option, now you save it.

If you want, save it to internal storage or if you want to share it anywhere, you can do that too, now it will be completely offline.

4. Dinosaur Game

If you can’t spend your time, you can also play the game on Chrome, although you won’t get a chance to play this game in 3D but your time will pass.

To play this game you just have to stay offline. This game appears when your phone and computer are not connected to the Internet, when you refresh Chrome. Then you can play this dinosaur game.

This game can be played on both Android and Windows by pressing space button on PC and screen touch on phone.

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5. Mathematical Works

You can also do mathematical work in chrome browser. You can use chrome as a calculator as well as a converter.

Here you can calculate it by entering the direct digit in the address bar. You can add, subtract, multiply or divide this number.

Here you can also do converting work. You can learn different values by converting temperature, substance and currency.

6. Re-Open Closed Tab

An open tab often closes when working in a hurry or by mistake, and it feels bad if you are doing important work at the time, but now if you ever close such a tab you can reopen it completely.

All you have to do is press the Shift + T button on your computer and your closed tab will reopen.

In phones, this feature only comes when you close a tab, it also comes in the form of “Undo” for a few seconds.

7. Stop Location Tracking

As we all know when we search for anything online or do any work, the browser tracks your location so that you get complete information about your location.

Most of these browsers ask for its access, but if you want, you can stop it to close very easily.


  • First of all click on the button of Menu
  • Then you go to Settings
  • Here you will get the option of Privacy and Security
  • Click Site Settings
  • Now you will get the option of Location here
  • You turn it off, and you’re done

But you should also know that any website or browser asks for location axis so that it can provide better features for you, as I explained to you above why they do this.

8. Chrome Browser Theme

When you go to the Web Store of the Google Chrome browser, where you find many of its themes in the web browser, you can search by typing the theme in the search box.

It will then show you all kinds of themes, from which you can download whatever you like.

9. Direct Search in Chrome

The direct search feature is good, it allows you to open any word or website without opening any additional tabs.

To do this, just type and hold on the word you want to learn about, and your Google Chrome browser opens that word from the bottom, that is, it searches. When you slide it up, it opens in a new window.

10. Mute Tab

There are many websites make noise when opening a web page whether it is due to advertisements or other reasons. Chrome identifies which tab is playing the sound by placing the speaker icon.

So, if video or other audio starts playing on one of your tabs, find the small speaker icon on the first tab.

Now, right-click on the tab and click on the Mute Site option. You will mute noisy tabs without leaving your current tab.

11. Zoom In & Out

Sometimes your laptop’s touch pad swipes incorrectly on the page you’re browsing. So, here’s a trick to zoom in and out of the page and reset it.

This is a keyboard shortcut, and you need to press Ctrl and + to zoom in and Ctrl and – to zoom out. Ctrl and 0 make Chrome a regular zoom level.

12. Block Notification Requests

You come across many websites that send you constant requests to send you notifications. Chrome has a feature that can prevent sites from asking this. Open Settings and scroll down and click the Privacy and Security section.

Here, click on Site Settings and select notifications. Page will open where you will see a notification toggle. Now, click to Don’t allow sites to send notifications.

13. Chrome Browser Task Manager

If your Chrome is running slow you can check which tabs are slow using Chrome’s built-in task manager. Which shows which tabs are using the most CPU and memory.

To open Chrome’s Task Manager, click the three-dot icon in the upper right and go to More Tools and then Task Manager.

A small Task Manager window will show the fluctuating percentage of the CPU and the memory usage for each open tab and extension you run.

If you are taking more resources to recover some CPU and memory load, you can select tab or extension and click on final process.

14 Autofill Setting in Chrome Browser

You can save time filling in multiple passwords or payment information on Chrome with this autofill feature.

To save address and payment information with Chrome, go to Settings > Advanced > Passwords and Forms > Autofill Settings.

Then when you open the web form, all you need to do is enter the first letter of your name or the first number of your card and Chrome will fill the box for you.

15 Quick Remove Browsing History

Here’s a trick if you need to start your browsing history. This is not required by the Depart Settings clear browsing history window.

Just press Ctrl + Shift + Delete and the “Clear Browsing Data” window will open. This will clear the URL, cache, password and cookies history.


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