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10 Things You Should Never Search on Google

Nowadays, people use search engines to get information, big or small. Google search engine is the most used mobile and laptop or desktop PC.

People of all ages use Google to get the most out of their subject matter. Google has all kinds of information so Google has become the most popular search engine.

People who use Google say that Google is safe and that the information found in it is quite accurate. Although Google is safe, some countries have banned its use, while other countries have banned certain services.

Those countries showed the reason that Google is not only a search engine but also a tool for espionage. Despite the ban, Google is one of the world’s leading search engines.

Why Google Search Engine is No.1?

1. Because 3 billion + Google searches are done every day.

2. Google has an index of about 100,000,000 GB of large web pages.

3. Google’s search rankings increase by about 8-10% each year.

4. Between 10 to 15% of Google searches each year are based on new keywords.

5. Google Nearby feature helps individuals find the stores they need, so people prefer Google first.

6. The convenience of Google Maps has made it easier for people to find a place, so Google is their first choice.

7. Google search has taken a lot of work to find the item and place you need so Google Search Engine is No.1.

There is a lot of work information in Google but there is a lot of information that you should not search in Google. This is because in many countries certain services of Google are banned. If you are from such countries, you need to be careful.

Apart from this in some countries some services are fraudulent so harmful keywords should not be searched. Many things and topics that are dangerous to everyone should not be searched in Google.

Google itself is monitoring the search for dangerous things and Google says to be careful across many things. If you want to avoid many troubles in life, the following 10 things should never be searched in Google.

This 10 Things You Should Never Search on Google

1 Customer Care Number

Customer Care Numbers should not be searched on search engines as there are a lot of scams going on right now. Criminals deceive people by creating false website and pretending to be officials. Rely on the information on the original website to get the customer care number.

2 Minimize the use of Location Facilities

When you turn on the location, the search engine finds you and then the ads of the merchants connected to the search engine are constantly popping up from that location area. As a result, when the user is browsing, such ads come in between and cause trouble to the user at work.

3 Weapon Making Information

Terrorism is a scourge in the world so all the governments have come together to compile a list of keywords related to terrorism. So don’t search for weapon or bomb making information. Doing so could get you into the hands of a security agency and get you in trouble.

4 Don’t find your information

You should not search for your own information as all the information you search for is stored in the database and you may get in trouble in the future. Do not search for your own address, mobile number, or email directly.

People mostly use free software instead of licensed version software especially for computer or laptop, mobile. Apart from this, people are also search for cracked versions of licensed software on the Internet. But they do not know that such free software can contain viruses. Avoid downloading such free software.

Often people share another person’s content and photos on different websites by giving their name on different media. Doing so is a copyright offense so avoid such activities as much as possible.

Always keep posting unique content. Always keep people informed by their own hard work and self-research.

The Copyright Act is designed keeping in mind the spirit and hard work of the people. If you use a photo or paragraph for a post, give credit to the person.

7 Prescriptions to Cure the Disease

In case of illness, keep taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor. Avoid trying the tips given by doing a direct search on the internet.

Because there is no guarantee that such information is 100% true. Trying the wrong prescription can make a patient’s condition worse. Always make it a rule to go to the doctor.

People are also looking for tips on how to perform abortions in search engine. This word is very trending in search engine. The governments of many countries are trying to make the birth rate uniform.

Those who search for such things are known as criminal activity. Special attention is being paid to such keyword searchers.

8 Coupon Codes or Offers

People quickly fall prey to the temptation of discount so cheaters create fake websites. Such websites put fake purchase coupons and false offers.

The user creates an account to make purchases and all his information is stolen by cheaters. Always use a registered E-commerce website and avoid fraud.

Porn websites are banned in many countries and registration on website is mandatory in many places. Registered websites allow the user to connect to different adult websites.

One particular thing is that if a video or photo of child pornography is found or downloaded in a search engine, the IP address is tracked.

Porn is a bad addiction and staying away from it is good for health. Parents need to be very careful if their children are going through this bad habit.

Theft of data from porn websites, virus attacks on the device as well as adverse effects on health. Stay away from porn as much as possible.

10 Criminals or Criminal Information

Finding criminal information is a crime. Search engines pay special attention to the keyword searcher of the criminal or criminal activity. Parents should be especially careful if their children are searching for criminal activity on the Internet.


The things mentioned here are better for you if you don’t search in Google Search Engine. Information theft and viruses attacking your computer are not good for you. Stop searching for keywords that are useless and can get you in trouble. Hope you liked this post

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