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Facebook New Terms of Service 2020 – Section 3.2

Facebook New Terms of Service 2020: Everyone in the world wants to be in harmony with each other. In today’s web based digital world it’s easy to stay socially interactive. There are estimated 3.50 billion+ smart phone users in the world.

About 4.50 billion+ people are using the Internet. 2.9 billion + people are using social media. The most used application in social media application is Facebook. 2.6 billion+ people around the world are using Facebook.

Facebook had to change its terms of policy

Facebook has been abused for the last few years. Questions have been raised against Facebook in every country.

These questions have come up against the issues of apartheid, political commentary, collusion, mobilization. Pessimists feel that Facebook does not pay attention to all these things.

As a result, Facebook is introducing a new Terms of Policy from October 1, 2020, in which all users’ accounts, pages and business addresses will be monitored by Facebook based on Artificial Intelligence.

If a user violates Facebook Terms of Service 2020 – Section 3.2, the account, page, group or ad will all be closed without notifying them.

Not only that, it will be blocked forever. Next time the account will not be created with the same email ID.

The decision has affected a large community, but Facebook has no choice but to do so. Because many countries and many governments in the world have taken legal action against Facebook. Facebook has 335 million active users in India in 2020.

Many users have said that company does not delete offensive post. This is a post in which politicians are literally attacking each other.

Australia has recently informed Facebook and Google that if a user shares any type of news in Australia through Facebook or Google and if it is in the form of an advertisement, a certain percentage of it must be shared with any news channel in Australia.

Now all Facebook and Instagram users also have to be careful not to post anything that violates the Facebook Term of Service.

Don’t like or share any post that hurt anyone’s religious feelings. As well as not being in a group that makes violent comments or broadcasts literature on adultery.


Facebook and Instagram users have to take care of all these things otherwise the account will be closed. Hope you liked this post. You can also read on the official website of Facebook Terms of Service

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