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The New Facebook Update: Messenger Room

The New Facebook Update Messenger Room: 2.6 billion+ people around the world are using Facebook. In July 2020, a new feature was add to the Facebook application. There is a feature where friends can communicate with each other via video conference.

The Corona epidemic is causing a lot of trouble all over the world right now. In many places lock-down and many places unlock.

In this situation, office work is also being done from home and children’s education is also being done from home. The main purpose of bringing Facebook room was this.

How does Facebook Room work?

When you click on the room icon in account, you see your name in your DP below. There are a total of three options under your name and room.

Rooms Activity, Who is Invited, Start Time these will be the three options.

Rooms Activity

Messenger Room Activity lists 25 activities. There is also a new tab for those of you who don’t like Activity. Through which you can also add your new activity.

Then the name of the person who has a Facebook account in the activity is given by creating a predetermined room. You can choose your room activity according to the occasion.

Who Is Invited?

This feature of Facebook is much better than other video conferencing applications. The question is who the user can invite in this feature.

In response to which Facebook has given two options, first you can invite all your Facebook friends and second you can invite certain types of people.

The user can choose from the Facebook friend list and call in the room meeting.

Start Time

This feature allows you to decide on what date and at what time to start your room meeting.

This allows you to work together at the most specific time. This can be very useful for office meetings and student tuition.

Room meeting is safe?

You can only invite the person you want to meet with in the room meeting. No one outside can see the meeting except you. Messenger Room is safe.

Room feature linked to WhatsApp

The room feature allows a person to talk to a large number of people simultaneously via video chat. The Facebook Rooms feature is counting on linking to WhatsApp.

Through which video chat with more people can be done simultaneously in WhatsApp. In WhatsApp so far this feature was up to four people.

Not only this, there is no time limit in this video chat. The company had earlier launched this feature only for WhatsApp Web. But later this feature is also updated in WhatsApp phone app.


This feature is very useful who really want to work and students who really want to study. This feature updated by Facebook will be very useful. Hope you liked this post.

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