What is The Difference between Server and Database

Difference between Server and Database. This is a software program and works with a hardware device. Database is an organized set of data. This information is available everywhere.

The server’s called the main part of the Internet. Special attention is paid to it and its memory also kept high grade.

Your mobile or computer restarts in 2-3 minutes but if this happens in the server then there is a problem all over the world.

What is Server Technology

Like a normal computer, there is a technology rack system that allows to store data in GB and TB amounts.

In the world of technology, whenever data comes in, the job of a server is to stay. Data / Database / App server are doing a certain kind of work.

This technology does the job of serving the data. When more than one request is received, the specific link is processed into more than one request and the output is received to the users.

Fact File of Server

Server cannot be for a single device or system

The architecture of server is determined from the data

Each node has a specific function

The more clarity within the subject, the easier the server’s work

The clearer the subject, the better the features inside

This Server system is easy to design locally but very expensive globally

Server technology is a storage system different from a normal hard disk

This technology works to serve us data. But the saving system of a database server is different from a normal hard disk.

Server’s computer’s processor is fast and its ability to exchange data is also fast. The hard disk of this system is also different.

As the data grows, so does the work of the server grows. Because everyone has their own feature based on which they process the request and play forward.

What are the types of Server

There are two types of main server first ftp and second data. The first is the one that transfers the file to you and the second is the one that finds the item in the data. Which contains certain types of databases.

Is the most accessible communication server nowadays. Access to features ranging from audio talk back to voice transmission. Certain types of servers work across its root.


Local servers do not work for websites like Google or E-commerce. This required booking a space in a specific large server on whose code the entire system is accessed.

There are servers with different capabilities and space requirements. It also has a specific plot or section.

Ram, capacity and processors are checked while taking up space in a dedicated server. The fares are also expensive.


Usually every office has local storage servers. In which all types of office data are saved. This platform used only for self use or office work.

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What is Database

Database is the systematic storage of that data electronically in a computer. It’s linked up with a category to store data.

Which relies on a unique thing that does not repeat. Through which different sub-categories are prepared and its tables are made.

The chances of repetition in this table are very low. When the format of a data determined, its size and quantity looked at.

For example, if the form of 30 GB data is not manual then the database is used.

Database Models

Any database works on three models. Hierarchical, network and relational model. Because data saved based on a certain logic. For this a special logic structure has to followed.

For example, if a company has more statistics, if the ID is remembered rather than the customer’s name, the data collecting faster.

On the other hand, if there is data of two or three people with the same name in the company, it becomes an issue of repetition. But there is no chance of repetition as the ID is different.

The larger the model, the greater the data requirement. In addition, when the category is high, the accuracy of the data should be high and the data should also be high. Because all of this connected to one server technology.

3 Model in Database

Hierarchical Model

The hierarchical model has the entire structure in tree format. Every record preserved in the same way that a tree has branches and leaves. Its routes are different.

Network Model

This model considered powerful in today’s technological age. But this model is complex and each of its nodes linked from within. Here linked to each record.

Relational Model

This model is considered to be the most powerful. This model is also easy to understand as it is in flexible and table format. In which more than one table connected with those features.

Best Software for Database

What is Data Science If you know about this, you will realize what data is. Technology works to save the database, which called a dynamic query.

The definition of a database is db. In which any thematic information stored in a specific format. Certain types of software used for this. This data saved in the hard disk.

The format of this software is such that data easily modified and added. Each company has its own database.

This whole system called DBMS (Database Management System) Its features are as per the software.


dBase software was designed to store special thematic information that contained more statistical information. dBase software has been used for databases when microcomputers were used.

The software has been updated from time to time with features like search engine, query, form and quick run. But this software is a bit old and has the extension .dbf

This software developed by Ashton-Tate and Wayne Ratliff. This software used in the 1980s. It was later used in Apple and IBM. Both were running on the DOS system at the time.


FoxPro software works with the help of special programming for text base procedures. In which object oriented programming is used.

This software was used in MS DOS and Windows. Due to some technical issues, the software production has discontinued since 2007.


This software is save data in Hierarchical model. The model of this database is very different from the others.

This software is easy to use and has good security. Both program device and business data can stored simultaneously in this software.


Oracle also called RDBMS. Its means Relational Database Management System. This is an object relational database. Which works in specific auto format and query format.

Since the server technology also embedded here, sometimes the server is also based on Oracle system.

The data entry must be accurate in this software. Because it takes a lot of programming to edit a mistake.

This software founders is Larry Ellison, Bob Miner and Ed Oates (Oracle Corporation)


MySQL is an object oriented database system that was started by Michael Widenius. SQL means Structured Query Language. This software currently owned by Oracle Corporation.

Advantages of Database

Any data can be saved systematically.

Each record has its own timing so that the date does not have to be remembered.

It is easier to save things when there is more than one category of record.

The need for paper can be minimized when there is a large amount of data.

Can be accessed at any time due to internet connectivity.

The accuracy of each record can be maintained.

Authentication in the record works like a pleasure book.

Limitations of Database

Bored of data entry when category is high and subject is low.

There is a risk of repetition during data entry.

Authentication becomes difficult when there are too many duplicate entries.

The result is wrong when there is a defect in the record.

More than one commodity listing is not possible due to its complexity.

Work takes more time.

If a link is broken, its related data is affected.


In this blog you read about what is The Difference between Server and Database. Here tried to give detailed information about what is server technology and what is database.

The solution to the problem of data storage capacity is server technology. A database is a method of organizing and storing multipurpose information.

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