What is Facebook Page – Create, Optimize and Earn

What is Facebook Page an attempt has been made to provide his information. Facebook page was launched by the Facebook Company in 2004.

The main reason for starting a Facebook page is that every class of people can get information about a certain thing.

There are two major types of sales in the world. These include traditional and e-commerce trading methods.

In the traditional trading system the trader has to have a certain place and sit there and do business.

In which the trader has to trade with the people around him. As well as other expenses for the business.

When it comes to e-commerce portals, merchants need a website. The trader has to learn how to promote the website and how to grow the business.

All of this is tough and expensive for non-technical individuals. A Facebook page may work for such individuals.

The main purpose of this feature is to enable a person to grow his business through this platform.

What is Facebook Page

The Facebook page is a virtual location connected to Facebook. Where artists, public figures, professionals, organizations can connect with their fans or customers.

He can convey his thoughts to his followers through posters, videos and text. Peoples or Merchants can earn revenue by selling goods and services through this page.

With this page you can reach thousands of people. Your brand will not be limited to a limited area but can become global.

How do Create Facebook Page

A person’s Facebook account is required to create a facebook page. If you don’t have an account, you have to create one and secure the facebook account.

Steps –

1 There is an Explore tab in the Home section of the Facebook account.

2 Click the create page button in the page option.

3 There will be two options 1. Business or Brands and 2. Community or Public figure.

4 Select the first option to create an online store or E-commerce store.

5 Select second option if you are with a specific community or public figure.

6 Will now become a page in which you can place videos, text and pictures.

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7 Things to keep in mind while creating Facebook page

1 The name of the page should be very short and catchy.

2 It is mandatory to select the category of the page.

3 There must be a specific icon for the page.

4 The profile and cover photo should be attractive.

5 Mandatory writing of description in the page.

6 It’s necessary to write the mobile number, email address, website name and business name in the page.

7 There should be a system to give quick answers to users’ queries.

Page Monetization Eligibility

Monetization needs to be turned on to generate revenue from a Facebook page. To turn on this process the user has to follow rules.

Requires minimum of 10,000 followers. Also, all the video content you have should have 180,000 minutes of watch time complete within 60 days.

It is easy to make money on YouTube by passing monetization. This is more difficult in Facebook.

How to Monitor Page

There are three ways to monitor a Facebook page. The most commonly used is the Facebook Pages Manager application.

If you have Facebook on your Android or iOS device, it can be used for monitoring. There are currently 2.6 billion (As of 2020) Facebook users.

Of which 44% users have a Facebook page and 38% of the users are earning through the page. (This information may be fluctuate)

You must be at least 13 years old to create a Facebook account but must be 18 years old to earn income through the page.

Upload and Earn Money

The page can support photos, videos, articles and products information. Photos, videos, articles and product information can be shared in the page.

Revenue and followers can be increased by placing video and affiliate marketing posts in the page.

If you make a video for a page, it should be at least three minutes long. But there should be some time gap between the video while recording the video.

Video in a row should never be uploaded to the page. Because Facebook puts ads where gap in the video.

Hang between 2 or 3 minute bids when you record a video. Because there is a gap of 5-10 seconds and Facebook has the right place to place ads.

Doing so does not interfere with the information contained in the video and also makes it easier to run ads.

Videos that don’t have gaps don’t run Facebook ads and don’t generate revenue. So be careful in making the video.

Facebook offers about 1 to 5 USD (Approximately) per 1000 views, Which is better than YouTube (rate depends on country)

If you are doing affiliate marketing, you can promote and sell the product paired with the page.

In affiliate marketing you can get commission based on the price of the item. Such commission can range from 1 to 50%

Optimize Facebook Page

Be well optimized before promoting a Facebook page. Properly optimized page rank quickly in search engines.

Properly inserted photo, video and content into the page help you to increase followers and likes.

A quick reply to the message will be good for your business. To do this, set up a system of auto-reply across the page.

You can become more powerful on social media by linking the page to Instagram, Twitter and others.

A well-optimized page attracts users. In page requires proper information, auto reply and proper photo or video.


What is Facebook Page post has given the information of page creation. Here you see how much useful the page is for business or service. Hope you liked this post, if you like this post you must share with friends.

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