How to Use Instagram for Business

How to Use Instagram for Business this question always disturb your mind. In this blog you can find some simple steps to grow your business.

This app is a popular social media platform for youth and all business people in present time. This platform is proving to be very helpful in selling products and services.

Merchants can, with the right strategy, promote business products and services on Instagram.

Through this platform one can sell one’s own brand and increase product sales or service.

You need to a have business account on Instagram to promote or grow a business.

Create Business Account on Instagram

Anyone can easily create their own business account on Instagram. This application is available on all platforms.

Anyone can easily create an account through their business email or Facebook account.

If you already have an account it can be converted into a business profile. Mandatory addition of all business related information after business profile is activated.

Steps for Business Account

1 Go to your profile and click 3-line icon in the top right corner

2 Scroll down and click Settings

3 Click Account option

4 Scroll down and click Switch to Professional Account

5 Follow steps and select category

6 Add your business details

7 Click Done

Business Account on Instagram

How to Increase Business on Instagram

There are a variety of marketing tools available on Instagram. With all these tools you can grow the business by working according to your ability. This tool is also known as features that grow business across Instagram.

This platform is a photo sharing social media platform. So the approach should be to put professional photos instead of normal photos related to business.

Photos should be edited systematically so that it is eye-catching for each viewer. All options should be used to personalize the post.

2 Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is the most popular feature of all the features of this platform. Photos and videos in this feature can be viewed for up to 24 hours after posting.

Attractive and creative stories explaining the importance of business should always be posted here.

3 Use the required hashtags #

Hashtags help users easily find content on Instagram. Hashtags may contain letters and numbers but do not contain any symbols.

Using a brand-friendly hashtags can increase the number of viewers. Using hashtags in a story is just as important.

4 Stream live video

Stream live video regularly to give customers or followers information about the product or service.

Listen to questions in live with customers or followers and answer satisfactorily. Live stream on Facebook and YouTube in addition to Instagram.

5 Stay in touch with followers

Stay connected with followers on Instagram just like any other social media platform in the world. It’s very important to stay in touch with the followers.

In which to like the post made by followers, to share the post and tag another user in the post using @

Not only that, it is necessary for the user to reply and comment on his post rather than making regular comments on your post.

6 Ads for business on Instagram

In present time all merchants use social media for their business. There are more effective options for ads on Instagram than any other social media platform.

Every user is using this effective option to grow the business. Ads are being used more and more in which the following 3 types of ads are being used more.

1 Photo Ads

Photo ads business or service information is provided by professional photos. In the right hand corner there is a “more” button for more information which allows users to get more information.

2 Video Ads

Looks like a video post but has a sponsored sponsors label at the top of the video post.

This ad looks similar to photo ads, but ads can be displayed by adding 2-10 photos and these ads feel like a video.

Business on Instagram

Why Your Business Should Be on Instagram

1 400 million monthly active users use Instagram globally. In which you can get a customer through Ads.

2 There are 300+ million daily active users on Instagram and the number of users has increased by 34% since the advent of Reels Micro Video.

3 Instagram Stories reaches about 400 million people a day. You can also show followers your brand ads through Stories.

4 With 1200+ million Instagram users, it ranks among the top ten app in the world.

5 People aged 25 spend an average of 28 minutes on this platform and people older than that spend an average of 17 minutes.

6 The growth rate of users on the Instagram platform has been around 7.2% in the last five years.

7 3 out of 10 users buy items influenced by Instagram Ads.

8 Sales of products and services of Instagram-affiliated businesses have grown at an annual rate of 7%

9 Even in rural areas, the number of users is around 44% and increased by an average of 12% per annual in the last 5 years.

Note – The statistics shown here are up to 2020 and how accurate the information is cannot be said.


How to Use Instagram for Business post is about how to increase sales or service. The Instagram platform has proven to be excellent for business as well as entertainment. You can comment if you have a query about this post. Hope you liked this post.

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