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How to Use Canva App – Make Best Photo and Video for Social Media

Canva App makes easily pics or video for social media. With this app, you can now easily become a poster and video maker without the help of anyone.

In this app person can easily create graphic design, photo making, logo, poster and video.

In this app users can create Instagram highlight cover, Instagram story, post or video collage. Promo design can also be created here for uploading on YouTube.

The app will also be able to create flex and posters for social networks like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

This App is available for phone and computer users. In Android phone you can download from Play Store and in computer you can use it by logging into the Canva website.

How to Use Canva App

1 Create Design

Create a design with a blank canvas or use the 60000+ templates provided in the app. You can use the templates given here for free and start creating design. No need to take ideas from tutorials or other pairs.

2 Add Text in Photos

Depending on your creativity, you can use the fonts provided in the app here. There are many simple ways to create graphic design and photo in this app. You can use the font of your choice in the photos.

3 Add self photo and video

Photos or videos on your device can also be edited here. For this, the photos and videos in the device have to be uploaded in the app. Premium photo is also available in this app.

4 Use Free Image Editor

You can become a professional editor through the free image editor features provided in this app. You can use this feature to photo filters, photo grid and more photos edit at once.

5 Share Your Skills

Share photos and designs created in this app. The design created in this app will be easily accessible to people through social media like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Use Canva App for Social Media

1 Use to create photo collage, create cards for any social media.

2 Create an Instagram quote with Instagram highlight cover and Insta video collage.

3 In this app you can Create Facebook cover, post and banner.

4 This app helps to create banner for Pinterest and twitter.

5 You can also create thumbnails for YouTube videos here.

Why is Canva App so good?

The other work in this app is also easy so this app is good for me.

This app can create invitation cards and flyers for any event.

Blog design can be created for any project.

Funny memes, logo, resumes, promo posters, brochures and presentations can be created.


In this blog I have tried to give some information about Canva App. You can easily create posts, covers and videos for social media through this app. I hope you liked this.

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