What is WordPress – Information for Beginners

WordPress is a web development tool through which a web developer can create any website of his choice. It’s also possible to create different types of blogs with the help of WordPress.

Since WordPress is easy to use, many types of websites and blogs are created on a daily basis. The following types of websites and blogs are more common in present time.








What is WordPress

WordPress is a web development tool based on the open source platform. Which allows the user to create a new website in a short time without any programming or coding knowledge.

Here the user can also customize as per his need and preference. Any blogger in the world can also design his blog according to the need of the subject.

Here the user can have full control of the website. This platform is a kind of content management system.

Computers master as well as general user can easily manage the content of their website or blog here.

WordPress is written in two open source programming languages, PHP and MySQL.

This web platform was published in 2003 and features major contributions from Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

The main reason for creating the web platform is that any user can easily create a blog with the help of this.

At the time, the developers did not know that this web platform would become famous over time.

Over time, people’s interest grew and WordPress developer added new features. Here are all the plugins and layouts you need to create all kinds of websites.

With such a simple and good facility here, a web developer can create a website of his choice.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org


It’s very easy to create a website on this platform. An account can easily created here with a valid email or Facebook account

The user does not need to take web hosting or domain as a website or blog can be started here with sub-domains of this platform.

For example “yoursitename.wordpress.com”

The user does not have full control over the blog or website here. This platform displays various ads on your website or blog.

Storage space is also less as here the user runs the website or blog for free. This platform is good for beginners.


This software included in an open source category. To create a website or blog on a .org platform, users must purchase web hosting and a domain.

Here the user has complete control over the website or blog, as the user will have WordPress installed on their own hosting.

Nowadays there are many providers available for the user to buy hosting or domain.

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What do I need to build a WordPress website?

1 Web Hosting

Web hosting is a type of services. Without web hosting you can’t display website on the internet.

Currently there are many hosting companies available in the market that provide services through various plans.

Many hosting companies provide an single ip address, different hosting plan and storage facility for a website.

2 Domain

Domain is the name of your website. Whenever someone searches for a website on the internet, it’s then identified by the domain.

There are also many providers available for the domain. Domains can also purchased with a web hosting plan.

3 Themes

Themes are the look of the website. When a user visits a website, each website has its own look.

There are many themes available in WordPress but the user should choose the theme according to his content.

Users should use smaller sized and faster loading themes. Because it’s impresses the user who visits the website.

4 Plugins

Plugins are always working to increase the functionality of the website. It’s difficult to manage a website without plugins.

Different plugins are available for each function on WordPress. SEO, Theme customize, Security, backup etc. plugins is available for website.

Use as few plugins as possible in the website to prevent the website from slowing down.

What are the advantages of using WordPress to create a website?

1 High quality templates are available here so users can easily customize the website or blog.

2 Regular updates keep coming keeping in mind the security of the blog and the needs of the user.

3 Updates are also comes for themes and plugins so that the user gets an advanced feature.

4 Plugins required for on-page optimization are available. Yoast and Rankmath is a good plugin for the on page SEO of the blog.

5 WordPress is easy to use and the interface is user friendly.

6 Many social media options are already available for sharing blogs or websites on different platforms.

7 There are also many plugins available for the security, backup and increase speed of a website or blog.

8 Even people who do not have knowledge of coding can easily use this web platform.

WordPress Statistics (2021)

1 As of January 2021, 661 new WordPress websites are being developed and hosted every 24 hours.

2 14% of the Internet’s top 100 websites are built on this platform

3 This Web platform can be translated into 190+ languages at this time.

4 54000+ plugins and 4500+ GPL licensed themes are available for website development here.

5 It ranks fifth in the list of most visited websites.

6 It has 143+ million monthly active users.

7 If we only count CMS-built sites, 64.1% of them are WordPress.

8 Plugins are downloading by more than 1.5 billion times on this platform.

9 45% online stores are using the Woocommerce plugin in WordPress.

10 60 million+ websites are hosted on the custom WordPress development services platform.

11 Users of WordPress make 20+ New Posts every second.

Note: The information shown here is up to January 2021. You can contact us if you notice any changes.


What is WordPress blog provides information for beginners. This platform is open source software and published under a general public license. It is very easy to use so it has become very popular among the people.

The functionality of this platform is very powerful at present and will increase in the future. Hopefully beginners have found the necessary information about WordPress from this blog.

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