How to Keep AdSense Account Safe – Important Information for Beginners

How to Keep AdSense Account Safe? This question is important for a blogger who has received AdSense approval.

If you don’t have enough knowledge to use AdSense, the account will be disabled. Here I am telling you about the safety of AdSense.

Everyone involved with blogging will know about Adsense and those who don’t know should know.

Here I am going to tell you some information about AdSense so that you know what Google AdSense is.

What is Google AdSense

AdSense is a product of Google that allows website operators to display ads on websites. AdSense is the best way to make money online.

Google AdSense offers high quality ads so AdSense is considered the best product. Millions of bloggers and youtubers earn dollars through AdSense.

You must create an AdSense account for Google AdSense approval. You must add your website URL to the account and then Google will review it.

After getting approval, you have to add its html code in the website and then AdSense will do its job.

Google AdSense will show ads on the site as well as show how many visitors came to the site. These visitors will click on the ads which will generate your income.

This was Google AdSense information and also learn how to keep safe AdSense account. I’ll tell you what to look out for.

Bloggers make a lot of mistakes after getting an account approved on Google AdSense so the account is permanently banned.

AdSense is a product of Google, so you have to follow the rules attached to it and if you don’t follow it, the account will be disabled.

Once the account is disabled, no ads will appear on the site and no income will be generated.

It’s also difficult to re-approve that account and Google will not allow such an account. So you should follow the rules of Google.

How to Keep AdSense Account Safe

Before using any Google product, you should know its complete information. You should also read the AdSense program policies. Here i’m telling you some tips to help prevent your Google AdSense from being disabled.

Always write fresh content and create and place a unique image in that content. Don’t copy and paste content or images from anywhere.

Google’s algorithms have become so smart that it finds copy content instantly. If you do this, AdSense will be disabled.

You must note that if you please your visitors with Google, and you use illegal and adult content for it, your AdSense will be disabled.

AdSense can blocked if you write content related to Hacking, adult, Drugs, Alcohol. AdSense will blocked even if you write bad words about a company.

2 Use Ad Unit Systematically

You need to know where to set the ads in the website. Can be set between articles or according to website design.

Click here or click to download written ads should never be placed under the title. This has a negative effect and can disable the Google AdSense.

Don’t keep AdSense ads in your website as pop-up boxes, this is against Google’s rules. If your website is single page, follow the AdSense policy and add ad unit.

3 Invalid click disable your AdSense Account

Don’t manually click on an ad on your website or ask friends to click. Google will block the account when it reports these fake clicks.

New bloggers are unaware of this and make such a mistake in temptation. It will also be difficult for new bloggers to get AdSense approval again.

If invalid activity is happening from another location or country, you can submit an invalid activity appeal form to Google to save AdSense.

If you are a WordPress user, there are many plugins available to avoid invalid clicks. Using which you can save AdSense.

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4 Wrong traffic disable your AdSense account

In Incorrect traffic I am talking about paid traffic and Unknown traffic. Such traffic can also disable AdSense.

1 Paid Traffic

Many people use paid services to drive traffic to their website. This does increase traffic but also increases the chances of the account being disabled.

Not on paid traffic but if you bring organic traffic you will get more impressions and also increase revenue.

2 Unknown Traffic

There are many websites that say we will bring traffic to your blog. All such websites are fake and new bloggers are not aware of it.

The traffic that comes in is called bot traffic and it comes through automated software. If you use such a website, Google AdSense will be blocked.

5 Unknown Language

Google AdSense is not approved for all languages of the world. If the language of your website or blog is not in the AdSense list then the account will be disabled.

Google AdSense does not currently approve of unknown languages. You should check the list of supported languages in the AdSense policy before submitting the website for approval.

6 Don’t Customize Ad Code

When we generate ad code for a website in AdSense, it comes in html format. Add this code to the website then the ad appears.

The code provided by AdSense is unique and related to their work. If you customize this code, Google AdSense will be disabled.

You should not customize any AdSense code otherwise you may be severely harmed. Adherence to the AdSense policy can save your account.

7 Alternative Ad Network

If you search on the internet you will find many ad networks but AdSense is the most popular ad network.

AdSense is more likely to be disabled if you use another ad network with AdSense in the website.

AdSense does not consider many ad networks to be secure because they contain malware or vulgar ads.

Along with Ezoic or, you can also put AdSense ads in the website. Google considers these ad networks to be safe and trusted.


Here are some tips to save your Google AdSense permanently. Everyone knows it’s hard to get Google AdSense account approval.

Google is very strict with its terms and conditions so you have to follow all its rules. Follow the AdSense rules and earn after getting approval.

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