12 Best Google AdSense Approval Trick for WordPress and Blogger

The Google AdSense Approval Trick that every new blogger wants to know about. Here I will tell you some tricks so that you can get AdSense account approval.

AdSense is only for blog, website and YouTube channel. Adsense is a CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per mile) based advertising network.

It’s very difficult for new bloggers to get Adsense approval. Because new bloggers don’t know the rules of AdSense.

I also failed when I first applied for AdSense approval. After many attempts and finding my errors, I got AdSense account approval.

In addition to getting AdSense account approval, it is also important to know how to keep AdSense account safe after receiving approval.

Here I will tell you my corrected mistakes and tricks on how to get AdSense approval. If you follow these tricks, you will definitely get approval.

Google AdSense Approval Trick

Everyone wants to make money through a blog or website. There are different ways to make money on a website or a blog.

One way to make money is to get ad network approval and display ads on the website. The most popular ad network right now is Google AdSense.

AdSense program policy needs to be read before adding website or blog for approval. Along with this here I will tell you some tricks to get AdSense approval.

1 Unique Content

When a user searches in Google for information, Google shows them a list of websites with unique information in SERPs.

Because Google always wants to give its users something unique. Google always ranks unique content websites so you should post unique content on the website.

You should post unique content to your blog or website to make it easier to get AdSense approval.

Article must not be copied, spun or translated otherwise AdSense will not be approval your website or blog.

2 Content Words and Post

Google has never said for AdSense approval how many words should be in an article or how many posts should be in a website.

But some experienced bloggers say there should be 15 to 20 posts with at least 1000-1500 words.

I did the same and I get AdSense approval. You should also follow this AdSense approval trick to get account approval.

3 Required Pages

You have to create some necessary page on your website. Such as About us, Contact us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition.

Creating these pages will give the user an idea of what the website is for. Despite this page, many bloggers do not get AdSense approval.

There are many other reasons for not getting approval but you should use this AdSense approval trick to get approval soon.

4 Top Level Domain (TLD)

The use of top level domains increases the chances of getting AdSense approval. .com, .org, and .net are called top level domains.

Top level domains are used globally so Google also gives high priority to TLD. Keep this in mind when buying a domain.

But if you are targeting a specific country, it is not necessary to take top level domain. You can also use specific country domain like .in, .uk, and .us

If you have a professional email account, you have a chance to get AdSense approval. For example, [email protected] or [email protected]

But if you don’t have a professional email for your website or blog, you can work from a gmail account.

Even if your website is on Blogger subdomain blogspot.com, you will still get AdSense approval.

5 Domain Age

Google has restricted AdSense approval in some countries. This means that you have to submit the new website for approval after 6 months.

AdSense gives approval even if the content in the website is unique and the website is new. But this is not possible for all new bloggers.

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6 Responsive Themes

AdSense also check the theme in the website review. Theme should be AdSense friendly and loading speed fast.

Your theme should be Responsive and Mobile Friendly. Using an AdSense friendly theme will make it easier to get approval.

Since AdSense has a Responsive Ad Unit, you should only use Responsive Themes.

7 Social Media

Your website or blog should be connected to social media. You can create your website or blog page in your social media account and share it.

Sharing a website on social media increase user engagement. Traffic to the website is also generated from there.

Being active on social media increases the value of the website and this is what helps you get AdSense approval.

You benefit from creating a page on a high domain authority social media account like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, twitter and Instagram.

8 Language

AdSense doesn’t approve websites created in any language. AdSense only supports a few languages.

You should check the AdSense support language before writing a blog or website so that you do not have to worry about AdSense approval in the future.

9 Organic Traffic

Try to bring organic traffic to your website or blog. Do systematic keyword research and write a unique post so that the post ranks in the SERP and get organic traffic.

AdSense doesn’t specify a minimum traffic to a website or blog so you can apply for AdSense approval when the website or blog starts receiving 50-100 daily traffic.

Do not use copyrighted material on the website otherwise the website will be banned due to copyright issue.

Copying someone’s content and using an image will be a copyright issue. Use image and give credit is another matter.

AdSense always approves websites with unique content and unique images. You can use Canva, Adobe Photoshop etc. to create the image.

If you use someone else’s image and important information, give them credit.

11 Regular Work

Regular work on a blog or website should be done and this is the best AdSense approval trick. Keep adding new posts.

Regular posts should be written even after submitting the website for approval. Don’t change website theme after submitting for approval.

12 Other Ad Network

If you are using other ad network, remove its html code from across the website, otherwise you will never get AdSense approval.

Even if your website or blog is approved on Media.net, you are more likely to get AdSense approval.

Easy AdSense Approval Trick

Here I have explained the tricks of Adsense in small words. If you follow it, you will be able to get AdSense approval.

1 Always write post on new and latest topics

2 The website should have 15-20 posts of 1000-1500 words

3 Avoid using copyrighted material

4 Create the required pages in the website

5 Use SEO or AdSense friendly theme for website

6 Continue writing posts on the website after applying

7 Keep creating niche related backlinks for the website

8 Add original information to AdSense

9 Keep the robots.txt file of the website complete

10 Submit the sitemap of the website to all search engines

11 If there is a broken link in the website, remove it

12 Keep trying to generate organic traffic for the website

13 Keep sharing post on high authority social media site

14 Remove unnecessary widgets in the theme

15 Set up the navigation menu neatly

16 Do not post illegal content on the website

17 Don’t use too many images in the post

18 Do not use bot traffic or paid traffic


Google AdSense Approval Trick is for every new bloggers who is using Blogger or WordPress platform. If you follow these tricks, you will get AdSense approval.

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