What is Password – You should be Aware of this

It’s impossible to imagine a life without a password in modern life. Passwords are used in computer, bank account, home digital lock and mobile phone.

Today’s generation remembers many passwords, including pattern locks and finger locks. Generally, everyone has to remember passwords like an Average of 70-100.

After reading all this, you will sit down to calculate your passwords, but you may not remember much.

Despite having so many passwords, there are complaints of data theft. As our dependence has increased, so many hacker attacks have also increased.

Around the world, 98% of Internet users use the same 10,000 passwords. You may know that people use common passwords like birth date, birth year, mobile number, lucky number, color name and more.

As far as I know, hackers use computer algorithms to hack a passwords with 6 alpha-numeric digits in 1 second and a passwords with 12 alpha-numeric digits in 3.21 minutes.

But in the current situation, it has become more advanced, so in such a situation, it becomes necessary for you to know some things connected with the password.

What is Password

The words or patterns that you remember and that give data and device security are called passwords.

Passwords are made up of numbers, alphabets and special characters. The technology has been updated, and face lock, finger lock and voice commands have become part of passwords.

Where do we use Passwords?

It would be best if you had a password to use everyday applications like Email, Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Many people protect every application on their computer and phone with many passwords. Young people have started keeping gallery, phone call and message lock in mobile.

We also protect a home or office WiFi, bank application with passwords. Some online portals are also secured with login ID and Password. You can read my What is WiFi post to know about WiFi.

How many Passwords does the person average have?

In addition to Smartphone passwords, you also remember passwords for everyday applications such as banking and social media.

But some applications do not require a password to log in once you have logged in.
According to experts, people use passwords the most on smartphones.

According to a survey, a person uses an average of 100 passwords and 13-18 daily.

Passwords have increased due to Smartphones.

Previously, when there were only desktops and laptops, only his passwords and only the passwords of the email accounts had to be remembered.

The number of passwords has also increased in recent times as the use of smartphones has increased.

Because users use passwords for various applications ranging from unlocking Smartphones, passwords have increased due to the increasing daily usage of users.

What is the most common password used?

Users use common passwords on platforms or applications that are useless. Often, users keep a common password when they login to the applications or another website for information.

Most Common Passwords list:

Passwords mentioned above are used the most and are also the most stolen. It takes hackers less than 1 second to hack this type of password.

How to create a strong password?

The following steps will help you to create a strong password.

  • Use at least 10 to 15 characters
  • Use alphabets and numbers
  • Keep Capital and Small together when using Alphabet
  • Use special characters # % & * ! $
  • Keep changing passwords regularly
  • Be careful not to let anyone know
  • Use 2-Step Verification (2FA)
  • Use OTP (one-time-password)

What is a strong password example?

Here are some examples to give you an idea

Common mistakes when creating Passwords

  • Using simple words and letters
  • Using less than eight characters
  • Use of name and date of birth

Users used a passphrase instead of the password.

Users are now using passphrases instead of passwords to protect data and devices. The passphrase is easy to create and impossible for a hacker to hack.

” Passphrase is a kind of coded Password.”

For example, to take the first letter IliC of all words from I live in Chicago. That is, if you want to use it for Facebook, add the letters Ilic and F.

Means – I Live in Chicago and Facebook = ILiCF

Not only this, by adding numbers after ILiCF you can make it stronger.

Means – ILiCF123789

Passphrases created in this way will be very difficult for hackers to hack.


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