What is the Google Sandbox – Beginners should know about it

What is Google Sandbox? Does Sandbox cause any harm to our website? If you are a new blogger, then all these questions must have come to your mind.

When a new blogger creates a new website or blog, he submits site to Google Search Console so that his blog ranks on Google and traffic comes to that blog.

But in today’s time, Google has become a brilliant search engine. It does not easily rank new blogs.

Google always keeps on making changes to its search algorithm so that the result of whichever user comes can be easily found.

There are more than 200 algorithms in the Google search algorithm. Google Sandbox is also a part of Google’s search algorithm.

What is the Google Sandbox

The Concept of Google sandbox was introduced in 2004, and its job is to keep the new website in the Sandbox for some time.

The Google Sandbox is also part of Google’s search algorithm. Through this, Google keeps every new blog or website in the Sandbox because Google does not trust any new website.

That’s why Google keeps your new website or blog in the Sandbox because Google does not want any wrong information to reach any user through any new website or blog.

Google sandbox is a part of the Google search algorithm; Google has never told this to anyone to date and has not made any official announcement.

But some SEO experts in blogging did research and told that when a new website is created, Google does not rank that website quickly because that website is kept in a sandbox.

This is not a Google penalty but a period in which the website or blog is kept. Please consider it a part of SEO itself.

Some SEO experts have observed that new websites and blogs rank fast in search engines like Bing and Yahoo, but its effect was not seen in Google.

Then he speculates that even though Google didn’t mention Sandbox, it is in the present day.

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Why Blog and Website is kept in Sandbox?

Google keeps your website in a sandbox and checks what you do on that website, such as whether your article is original and valuable.

If your website is not harming any other website and there is nothing wrong with your website, etc. All this work handled by Sandbox.

Google uses Sandbox to build trust and relationships with any blog or website before ranking it to know whether you are a really serious blogger or not.

Many new bloggers write high-quality articles on their site, and when their site does not get traffic, they get demotivated, and they think that now their blog will not rank in Google, and they stop blogging.

If you think that your blog will not rank on Google, then you are thinking wrong.

If you are writing useful, high-quality articles for your user and giving information according to your user, then your blog will definitely rank in Google.

There will be a question in the mind of many bloggers that how do we know whether our website is in Sandbox or not?

I am going to tell you the answer to this question, and with the help of this, you will know very quickly whether your website is in Sandbox or not?

How to get out of Google Sandbox?

If you want to remove your website from Sandbox, then you have to wait for a few days or months as there is no fixed time for this.

Your website or blog will be out of Google sandbox in 3 or 4 months.

Sometimes it takes 6 to 8 months for a website or blog to get out of Sandbox.

If you want your website to get out of the Sandbox soon, you have to follow some points given below.

  • First, you have to write a high-quality article on your blog or website
  • You have to write an article on a keyword that does not have more articles on that keyword than before.
  • Create high-quality backlinks for your website or blog so that the authority increases.
  • Whenever you have written an article on your website, always report it using long-tail keywords.
  • You keep posting regular posts on your blog or website, which will have a positive effect on Google.
  • Having regular updates makes your website more likely to get out of the Sandbox.
  • If you have any old posts on your blog or website, keep updating them.
  • Do not spam your blog in any way, meaning never write a post against Google’s policy.


I hope you like What is the Google Sandbox post. This information will help you learn how to remove a website from the sandbox.

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