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What is The Telegram Messenger App and Why It’s Popular

Here you will know what is Telegram Messenger App and what are the features of the Telegram App.

Telegram is becoming more popular day by day than WhatsApp, providing many features not available in any other message app.

Many of you have used WhatsApp, but maybe you do not know what Telegram is. Like WhatsApp, Telegram is also an instant messaging app.

You can use it to chat with your relatives and friends, just like the WhatsApp application. But some features that make it better than WhatsApp.

Although the Telegram Messenger App functions are almost like all messenger, people like it more due to more features and security.

While WhatsApp used to have some limited features, Telegram has given tough competition to WhatsApp in the market. It has become more popular only because of its exceptional properties.

Today people are running the business and earning money through the WhatsApp business app. In the same way, you can make money from Telegram as well.

You can make money from Facebook like the WhatsApp business app and also make money from Instagram

Now know what is Telegram App and what is the history of Telegram App.

What is Telegram Messenger App

Telegram is a messaging app that provides cloud-based messaging and Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) service.

It is based on the cloud, which means that the data of this app will be stored on Telegram’s servers instead of your device.

It is a messenger like WhatsApp that allows you to chat with your family and friends online.

You can say this is an excellent alternative to Whatsapp. It’s available on all platforms such as Android, iOS and Desktop, etc.

Telegram App is reliable, secure and easy to use, as compared to its competitors.

Telegram has many such features that differentiate it from others, such as Telegram Groups, Telegram Channel, Telegram Bots, Telegram Stickers etc.

History of Telegram Messenger App

If we talk about the history of Telegram Messenger, then Telegram was first launched in 2013 by two brothers Nikolai and Pavel.

If I talk about their past achievements, they first launched the Russian social network VK, and later they left VK when Group took it over.

Talking about Telegram, Nikolai Durov has created the MTProto protocol, which is the basis of a messenger. At the same time, Pavel provided financial support in this project from his Digital Fortress fund. He is the partner of Axel Neff and after which he also became his second co-founder.

He also said that the main objective of Telegram Messenger is not to make a profit. It has been made like a non-profit organization.

Telegram Messenger App was launched for iOS on 14 August 2013 and 20 October 2013 for Android Phone. It has been liked more by Android users than iOS.

Which country owns Telegram App?

There was a time when many people were being asked which country the Telegram app belonged to.

Because at that time, someone ran a lousy campaign in WhatsApp that WhatsApp is not an Indian app and Indians should use Telegram Messenger because Telegram is completely Indian.

People accepted this news without thinking and started uninstalling WhatsApp and installing Telegram Messenger App in its place.

Later it came to light that it was a well-thought-out conspiracy to destroy WhatsApp. As a result, Telegram became more popular in India in a short time.

Telegram’s office is currently in Dubai, but the Telegram app is from Russia. The Telegram team had to leave Russia due to some local IT regulations.

Before going to Dubai, he tried hard to visit many places, including London, Singapore, and Berlin.

At the same time, for your information, let us tell you that even though both of those brothers are from Russia, they made their non-profit company in Germany, so it is officially a German company.

What are the special features of Telegram?

Let’s know about some essential features of the Telegram App. With this, you will understand why Telegram Messenger is such a secure app.

Secret Chat = It has the facility of secret chat, where you can destroy your chats when your conversation ends, and if you want, you can also delete them automatically, for which you have to set a time.

Encryption = Where other messaging apps have only two layers of encryption, Telegram has three layers of encryption, making it more secure than others.

Password = You can also set the password on the Telegram Messenger App.

Protocol = Telegram uses the MTProto protocol to encrypt the data of its users.

Multi Devices = Telegram can be used on multiple devices.

It also has many other features such as cloud data storage and end-to-end encryption by request etc.

How to Download Telegram Messenger

If you want to download Telegram Messenger on mobile or desktop, you first must understand which platform this app is available.

Mobile Application = You can download the Telegram app from Playstore for Android, Appstore for iOS.

Desktop App = You can also easily download telegram software for Windows, Mac, and Linux on the desktop by visiting its official website.

Telegram Web = If I talk about the web browser, you can download and use the web version of any browser.

How to Create Telegram Account

  1. First of all, open Telegram and click on Start Messaging.
  2. After that, select the country and type your mobile number from which you want to create your account and click on the right tick.
  3. After that, a message will come on the mobile number you write, which will contain a code.
  4. Now enter that code and click on Done.
  5. After that, type your full name and click on Done.
  6. Your Telegram account has now been created.

If you want to create your Telegram Account from Pc, you go to Telegram’s website. Then according to the Operating System of your Pc, download the Native App by selecting it and then create your account according to the steps given above.

What is Telegram Channel

Telegram channel is a feature of telegram app in which any telegram user can create their channel.

After creating, you can share anything on that channel like images, videos, stickers, emoji etc.

You can connect with people on Telegram by sharing your channel link, and anyone can join your channel by searching your channel name. You can connect with as many people as you want on your channel.

There are two types of Telegram channels public channel and private. Users can create channels according to their preferences.

A public channel is available to everyone, and anyone can join that channel, and a private channel is not available to everyone, and nobody can find it by searching.

How to Create Telegram Channel

  • First of all, you have to open the Telegram App
  • You will see 3 lines on the top left side, and then you have to click on that 3 lines.
  • After clicking on these 3 lines, you will get to see many options.
  • Among them, you will get the option of New Channel, and then you have to click on that New Channel.
  • Now you have to type the name of the channel by clicking on the channel name.
  • Click on Details to enter the channel details.
  • To put a picture on the channel, you can click on the icon of the camera.
  • After this, you have to select the type of channel like Public Channel and Private Channel.
  • Now click on Permanent Link and create a link for your channel to give users the perfect address.

Benefits of Telegram Channel

There are many advantages of Telegram Channel, and here you will learn about some such benefits.

  • You can join many people on the Telegram channel, someone can join your channel by searching, and you can join on someone’s channel.
  • You can share any information on the Telegram channel, and after sharing, people on your channel can see that information.
  • If you have a blog or website, you can bring traffic to your website by sharing the article on the Telegram channel.
  • If you have a product, then you can promote it on the Telegram channel.
  • You can also earn money through the Telegram channel; you can make money by sharing any Affiliate Link in it. If someone buys something by clicking on that link, its commission will be given to you.

Features of Telegram Channels

By the way, Telegram Channels have many features, so I have categorized them well, which will make it easier for you to understand.

1. Icon and Description

Here you will get the facility to set the icon for the channel and write the description. By which users will know about your channel.

Apart from this, you will get the facility to create a permalink below the description for your channel.

Due to the link, it will be easy to bring users to the channel, and here the icon and description of the channel can be changed at any time.

2. Public or Private Channels

There are two types of channels in the Telegram Messenger App: Public Channels and Private Channels

1. Public Channels

Public channels are those that have a username. Anyone can find them by searching in Telegram and can also join. These can be easily searched on Telegram and the Internet.

2. Private Channels

Private channels are those channels that are not open to everyone. Often these channels are of closed societies. Here you can join only if the creator adds you, or you get an invite link to join.

3. Unlimited Members

I like the feature of unlimited members in the Telegram app as this feature is not available in WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

Whenever you join a Telegram, you can read messages from the beginning to the present within that channel.

You will never get a warning here that you have more members in your channel.

4. Notifications

All the members get notifications when you publish some post in the channel. But if you don’t want other members to be disturbed, you can enable the silent broadcast option, due to which other members will get the notification in silent mode.

5. Share Large size files

You can send files up to 16 MB in WhatsApp, but you can send up to 1.5 GB in Telegram App. You can send videos, images, documents and files like ZIP, RAR and .exe through telegram.

6. Pinning Post

The telegram channel has the facility to pin the post, and if any post is pinned, then it will appear at the top of the channel.

New and old users will get the most significant benefit of this together and know the important message simultaneously.

What are the Advantages of Joining Telegram Channel?

Since Telegram Channels are categorized according to their niche, joining them gives you information only on niches of the same interest.

Here I will provide you with information about some advantages when you join any Telegram Channel.

  • You can promote business with Telegram messenger app
  • You can share your ideas with each other
  • Ads are not visible here, so that you will avoid getting irritated
  • By getting only good content, your time is saved from wasting
  • It is a good medium for small company to promote their products.
  • Big companies can use it to get opinions of their products
  • Advertisers can target the audience according to the niche

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What is Telegram Group

Telegram Groups is a feature of the Telegram App where group members can communicate with each other.

Just like you have a group on WhatsApp, you can also create a group on Telegram.

The difference between the two is that you can add only 256 people to Whatsapp Group, while in Telegram, you can add 20000 people.

The group owner will have all the control over the group, and the owner can exclude whomever he wants from the group. The group owner can also set permissions.

Types of Telegram Groups

Telegram groups are divided into two parts according to the members: Basic Groups and Supergroups

1. Basic Groups

You can add a maximum of 200 members to this group. Family, friends and small business people can form basic groups.

2. Supergroups

You can add up to 200000 members to supergroups; then you must have understood what these groups are helpful for.

Here, employees of big companies, business analysts communicate with each other.

How to Create Group on Telegram

You can create a group by following the steps I have mentioned here.

  • Install and open telegram App
  • Click on the 3 lines on the left side
  • Click on New Group
  • Add one of your contacts and click Next
  • Here you have to add one person; otherwise, you will not create a group.
  • Enter the group name and click on Yes
  • Your group is now created

Benefits of Telegram Group

  • You can add up to 200000 people, which is a nice feature compared to other apps.
  • If you are the owner of the group, then you can make rules according to your own, which the members will have to follow.
  • You can pin the imported message so that members know immediately.
  • If you share something in the group, then it can know the members together.

What is Telegram Stickers

Telegram stickers are also cloud-based. Like other text messaging apps, there are many images in telegram, which are called telegram stickers. Users can use their exact expressions better and better.

Using stickers can show their feelings better than words. The first was the use of emojis, but it could not be Famous.

According to telegram officials, all stickers are completely free and will remain. Users can also create their own stickers with this and can also share them.

Types of Stickers

Telegram stickers are divided according to their feelings. I have categorized it here to explain to you.

Animals, people, films, cartoons, plants, sports, techniques, and games will see the sticker according to all the categories.

What is Telegram Bots

Another thing comes in the most powerful feature in Telegram, which is called Telegram bots. On Telegram, you will find bots that help you do special things in different ways.

Telegram has officially stated that Telegram bots are third-party applications that run within Cable Telegram.

Among many bots, each one has a different job. To interact with the user bots, he sends commands, messages, and inline requests.

On Telegram, you will find some bots created earlier; by giving commands, you can add them to your group and make them do different types of tasks.

If you want, you can create your bot using Telegram bot API. For this, you need to send a request to the official bot API via HTTPS.

With the help of Telegram Bot API, you can create your bot and give many types of actions in it.

Internet is the first platform where you get to do so much freely because Telegram is an open platform like Android is an open platform.

Popular Bots in Telegram

Here are the names of some popular bots that anyone can use on their Telegram.

  1. Gamebot: You can call this bot by giving @gamebot command; through this, you can play a chat game with your friends.
  2. Skeddy Bot: You can use this bot as a reminder, just by writing “Call David in 15 Minutes” in your message box; it will remind you after 15 minutes.
  3. Get Media Bot: You can use this to find any B media files (image, video, songs, etc.) on the internet.
  4. FB Video Download Bot: You can easily download videos from Facebook through this bot.
  5. File Converter Bot: You can use it to convert any file in any form.

In this way, you will find many more bots on Telegram; here, I have talked about some of the most used bots.

What are the advantages of Telegram?

  1. Telegram messenger app is more secure than other messengers.
  2. There is a feature of secret chat that uses encryption techniques.
  3. Can send many types of files up to 1.5 GB in size.
  4. Telegram is free and doesn’t have ads.
  5. Provides unlimited storage as data is stored in cloud storage.
  6. Telegram Messenger is available in Android, iOS, Windows.
  7. Self-destruct feature is available on Telegram messenger.
  8. Telegram is a very stable and reliable messenger.

What are the disadvantages of Telegram? 

  1. At present, there is no facility for voice messages.
  2. You can’t download multiple files by selecting them.
  3. You can’t find out the status of the contact.
  4. User database is less than compared to other competitors.

Which is better, Telegram Messenger App or WhatsApp?

Here I will give information about the pros and cons of Telegram App and WhatsApp to know which one is better.

Pros and Cons of Telegram App


  • Rich feature than other messengers
  • Can make bots
  • Has great file sharing facility
  • Has better platform compatibility


  • No Calls Support
  • No chat backup feature
  • User base is growing slowly

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp 


  • Call facility available
  • Can backup chats
  • User base is better than other messengers
  • All chats are end-to-end encrypted


  • You can only do limited file sharing
  • Currently, there is no richer feature than the Telegram app

Telegram has more feature-rich, and WhatsApp has more users

WhatsApp is now adopting many Telegram features, and due to their large user base, they can grow very soon.

Telegram is also engaged in increasing its user base, but it is less in front of WhatsApp. Talking about features only, then Telegram is at the forefront.


In this post, you must have come to know what is the telegram messenger app. Here you must have also come to know about why it is popular.

You can also earn money from the Telegram app, and it is the most used app after WhatsApp in the world.

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If you have any doubt about this post or want any update on it, let me know by commenting in the comment box or via mail to improve it.

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