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How to Make Money from Telegram

Do you know that you can also earn from Telegram? If you are not aware of this, this article How to make money from Telegram will be very informative for you.

You can also make money from other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and affiliate programs.

At the same time, you can easily earn money by using this Telegram Messaging App.

If you do not know what is Telegram App? So you can read my What is Telegram Messenger App post.

Like WhatsApp, Telegram App is also a Messaging App. In this, you will see many different features, including Telegram Groups, Telegram Channels, Telegram Bots, Telegram Stickers, etc.

Although there are many ways to monetize Telegram Channels, I will talk about the most popular and easy-to-do methods in this article.

Can I Earn Money from Telegram?

Absolutely yes, you can earn money from Telegram. It would be wrong to say that money cannot be made from Telegram.

If you create a Telegram channel and constantly put good content on it, you will make decent money.

You can achieve if you work then one day will come on which day you will be earning a lot from Telegram.

How to Make Money from Telegram

Here I will tell you some of the popular methods that can help you make an income, and by using them properly, you can make a good amount of money.

1. Paid Promotion

So, friends, this is an excellent way to earn money from telegram. You can promote any other telegram channel or any website, YouTube channel; instead, you can make money from them.

There are many channels on telegram that are perfect money from paid promotion. If you have good followers on your channel, you can earn a lot from paid promotions.

2. Affiliate Marketing

So, friends, another way comes Affiliate Marketing, this is a perfect way, in this you have to share the link of your product on your website or Telegram and then by clicking on those links, if someone buys those products, then you get commission on it.

In today’s time, people of Affiliate Marketing are earning a lot of money; if you do not know much about Affiliate Marketing, then you will get many websites about it on Google.

3. Telegram Bots

You can earn by making telegram bots; you can create bots for anyone; making bots is not a very difficult task.

For this, you must have technical knowledge and creativity, and if you want to know How to make telegram bots, you can search on Google.

4. Selling Telegram Channel

If you have good subscribers on your channel, then you can earn money by selling your channel.

You have to create 3 to 4 channels, have 1000 or 2000 subscribers, and then sell it. You can also earn a lot by selling a Telegram channel like this.

5. Selling Stickers

Friends, this can be an effortless way for you to make money from Telegram; just for this, you should have creativity, and you can earn money from them by making stickers for any other channel.

6. Sell Products and Services

So friends, if you are wondering what product to sell, then let me tell you that if you have a shop, either you or your friend’s shop, then you can sell goods through telegram.

When someone in your shop comes, you can tell him about your telegram channel and tell him that you can order goods from our channel, there is some hard work in this work.

You must have seen that people use WhatsApp for business, Instagram for business; in the same way, you can also use Telegram for business.

7. Creating Private Channel

You, too, can earn money from Telegram by adopting this method; you have to create another telegram channel, give good content, and make a good number of subscribers on the channel.

When you become many subscribers, you have to create another channel and tell your subscribers about your private channel, and if someone wants to join that channel, you can charge it.

8. Refer and Earn

I have also earned money from refer and earn, which is a perfect way to make money from telegram; you will find many money-earning apps on the play store.

You have to download the app and share it on your telegram channel; when any subscriber downloads the app from that link, you will get paid for it.

9. Teaching on Telegram

So, friends, you can earn money by teaching on Telegram, online tutoring on Telegram, in return you can make money by taking tuition fees or selling any course.

10. Linkshort Websites

It is a direct way to earn money from Telegram; you have to share the link by shortening it; when a user clicks on that link, he will be shown an ad, and you will get paid for that ads.

You will find many link shortener websites on the internet such as Linkvertise, Bitly, TinyURL etc.

11. Sponsorship

So let’s now know that how to earn money on Telegram from Sponsorship. When an app or YouTube video comes new, there is a need to promote that app or video; whatever the company is, you have to promote that app or video on Telegram.

That company will give you a lot of money to promote its app or video; if your channel’s subscriber is in thousands, then there will be a good sponsor offer from the company.

12. Virtual Telegram Assistant

So, friends, you can also do this work; in this, you will have to contact the owner of another telegram channel, or if he asks you to become a virtual telegram assistant, you can do this work.

In this, you have to put content on that channel, advertisers and customers. There is work to contact with, etc. In this work, you will almost run his channel.

FAQ of How to Make Money from Telegram

Here I have answered some of the questions that people often ask. From the questions and answers given here, you will know that you can make money from Telegram.

How to Monetize Telegram Channel?

There are no specific terms and conditions for monetizing your Telegram channel. Because you cannot monetize the Telegram channel with ads, instead, you can earn money here from companies or Telegram users.

You can earn in your channel even with fewer subscribers, i.e. 1,000 subscribers. You can also make from your channel by affiliate marketing, sponsorship and by bringing traffic to the website.

How much money can I earn from Telegram?

There is no fixed limit to earn money from Telegram; you have subscribers on your channel; if your audience has a good engagement rate, you can also make thousands a month.

On the other hand, if it is not so, then you will have to bring subscribers. Otherwise, you may have to face difficulties in earning money.

Does Telegram pay for creating channels?

No, Telegram does not just give money to create a channel; you can create an unlimited amount of Telegram channels. But you will get money only when you can monetize it.

Can I earn $100 per day from Telegram channel?

Yes, if your channel is popular, then many big companies contact you for promotion, And you promote just one product or service in your telegram channel, you can get up to $100

How to make more money from Telegram?

There is no limit to earning money on Telegram. You can make anywhere from one to millions.

If your audience trusts you, then you can sell your product, service from Telegram. The more you use the methods of monetization, the more you can earn.


Friends, I hope you liked my How to Make Money from Telegram post. From the information given here, you must have come to know that how to earn from Telegram.

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